Residential Solar

Residential Solar

Solar Power Plant installation Services
Home Solar System Services in Theni

In India, power cut is a major problem in every households . Even major cities faces huge power cuts. By installing solar power Systems at home, you get uninterrupted power supply through your solar system. Your battery gets charged completely through Solar in the sun hours , simultaneously employing your appliances. Battery charging done by conventional electricity can be avoided thus increasing the life of batteries.You can run your appliances 24*7 using batteries charged by solar system. By calculating the load in your house, we design effective solar system for your house, office, small factories etc.

Solar DC Systems

Solar DC systems are installed in places where there is no electricity supply. All the loads are employed completely through solar and here the electricity bill is zero.

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Off-grid Solar

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In Off-grid solar ,your solar system is connected to your battery. The power from the solar system is used to run the appliances in the home and also to charge the battery.

During power cuts , the power is used from the battery to run the appliances.

By effective design of off grid solar system, the load in the home can be completely(24*7) employed in solar.


      • One time Investment for power
      • Fast payback period
      • Less Maintenance
      • Independent Of utility grid
      • High return on investment (profit)

On-grid Solar

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In On-grid system, your solar system is connected to your local “electricity Grid”.

This system does not contains battery, it is a direct usage system.

The power from the solar plant is used for the load in the home, the excess power from the solar plant is exported to your local electricity grid through solar net meter, for which you get benefitted.

This system has maximum advantages for residents paying high electricity bill amount and for high application of electricity.

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